Altas Corporate Insurance

Independent Southern California Insurance Consulting Firm

Who We Are

Atlas Corporate Insurance & Financial Services is one of the leading independent Southern California insurance consulting firms specializing in employee benefits, human resources and individual family plans. Along with our additional capabilities, we bring strong client relationships and the highest reputation among insurance brokers in Orange County and surrounding Southern California areas.

What We Do

As your partner, we provide services that span every facet of employee benefits from benefits consulting, communication and compliance to comprehensive administration solutions, wellness programs and HR services. We work everyday with small to mid-size employers to design, implement, communicate, and administer benefit plans with a focus on reducing the hard dollars spent on health care by promoting a healthy workforce.

Our Commitment To You

With Atlas as your employee benefits consultant you will get a commitment to strategic benefits consulting, effective employee communication tools, steadfast compliance and superior benefits administration all with our signature client service and comprehensive resources that will best meet the specific objectives and timelines of your firm.

Why Work with Atlas?

As agent and broker, we assist our clients enroll in a health insurance plan while saving them time and money. We guide them through the process of choosing a healthcare plan that is compatible with their budget or needs of the company.

We're Ready To Help

Take the first step to ensuring the health and wellness of your workforce.